Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Wishing everyone the best and most prosperous year ever. As we start the new year full of wonder and excitement of what is to come, we should take a few moments to reflect on what the past year has brought us. Some good, some not so good. Reflecting on the past, oftentimes helps us to plan the future and avoid some of the pitfalls we experienced along the way. This past year has been fantastic for Debi and I. We are enjoying the full timing experience which allows us to travel this great country see many wonderful things and meet fantastic people along the way. We've developed friendships in our travels and hope to continue well into 2013 with the same dreams and enthusiasm we have enjoyed over the past three years. We are currently in Arizona. While we usually don't stay in any one location for more than two weeks, we've decided to anchor here for a couple months and let Mother Nature do her thing in the Northern climes. We will be hitting the road again in the spring, once the weather gets warmer. Our goal this year is to tour the Heartland east of the Mississippi, up to Wisconsin and Michigan and back to Florida. I'll try my best to keep our travel blog up to date. I am working on additional information on some of our campsites so those looking for Big Rig sites can actually see some pictures of the campgrounds we've visited. We will not be making the trip to Quartzsite this year due to other commitments, but we do have several other smaller trips planned and I will post them here as we go. I wish to thank everyone who have been following our travels and have offered their good wishes and assistance. We have shared some wonderful times with the many people we have met this year. 

A special thanks to Brian and Bill and to Jim and Terri. We appreciate having you as friends.....Dennis and Debi