Friday, June 14, 2013

Today's post needs very little in the way of introduction..................... Elvis Presley's "GRACELAND"....

Elvis purchased this home in 1958 at age 22 for $110,000. He moved into it with his parents and lived here until his death in August 1977....

Living room where Elvis enjoyed the sofa on the right. Many pictures show him reclining on this sofa. It is 10' long. Notice the tube TV in the background near the piano. The peacocks were Elvis' favorite.

Elvis grew up in near poverty. His father was a laborer and spent time in a Mississippi prison for forgery. He and his mom struggled and upon his father's release they moved to Memphis, "cause it's gotta be better than Tupelo", where Elvis was born.  Elvis promised his parents better living once he was a success. After buying Graceland at age 22 he moved his parents into the home. This is their bedroom.

Surprisingly, Graceland is not a lavish home. We found it to be very inviting and liveable. This is his parents bathroom. We were only allowed to tour the lower portion of the home. The upstairs is preserved as Elvis left it in 1977.

The dining room needs no explanation.

There were two rooms, besides the kitchen, that were set aside to entertain guests. This was the family room. The ornate furniture was picked by Elvis. It has green shag carpet on the floor, the walls and the ceiling.

This is the other room for entertaining. Notice the walls and ceiling. They are covered in cloth with matching sofa.

After his marriage to Priscilla, who loved horses, Elvis fenced in several pastures and presented her with several horses.

The rear of the home also included a pool, a barn, some outbuildings, an office for Elvis' father and a shooting range.

There are several "trophy" rooms in the home. This one houses all of Elvis' gold records. Each one represents over 1 million copies sold. All in all Elvis sold over several billion records....

The cases with Elvis' outfits were added after his death. The wall on the left showcases many of the accolades he received and the other two walls contain more gold records. These rooms were designed and filled by his parents.

This was Elvis' game room. He had this added along with an adjacent handball court. The piano seen here was one of his favorites. He played several ballads on this piano before he went back into the main house and upstairs where he died from a drug overdose.

This was the original headstone for the Presley family where he and his grandmother had been buried in a nearby cemetery. However, in early 1979, his father petitioned the State and received permission to relocate the Presley burial plots to Graceland citing security concerns. 

There are four burial plots at Graceland and one symbolic headstone for Elvis' twin brother who was stillborn 20 minutes ahead of Elvis. His grandmother is on the right, then his father, Elvis and his mother in that order.  The fountain in the background is the "Fountain of Life"
We found the tour interesting and worth the trip. You must purchase tickets across the street at the museum and you're shuttled across Elvis Presley Blvd to the residence. I hope you enjoyed the pictures....

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