Thursday, September 25, 2014

More Port Canaveral, Florida

This is the second of four posts about the Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach area. There is so much activity and things to do, plan on spending several weeks in the area and you won't be bored. I'll make this post brief, followed by an overview of the area and finishing with the Kennedy Space Center and a rocket launch. We really loved it.


I tried to put these two pictures together as best I can. We were enjoying the beach and saw several of these guys cruising up and down the sand. I really would have liked to try my hand at this because it really looked like fun.

The kite pulls you along the sand on a small four wheeler. You steer it by manipulating the cables attached to the kite. They were fast!

Nearby in Cocoa Beach, Ron Jon's Surf shop offers surfing lessons, personal watercraft rentals and lessons and pretty much anything related to water sports. Their complex spans almost 5 acres.

Just another Disney cruise ship leaving port. 

Compare it's size to the  sightseer ship passing by on it's starboard side.

This Navy chase boat was headed out of the harbor indicating something was headed in.

The Coast Guard boat below slowly cruised around in circles.

Notice both boats have machine guns on their sterns.

This was a visiting submarine showing the Canadian flag. It was escorted into port by the US Navy and several tug boats.

I did not see any other markings other than it flying the Canadian flag.

Here's a view of our site at Jetty Park. As you can see, there is ample room between the sites. Ours had a rental cabin on one side and tons of room on the other.

We parked the towed on the left side which left us a lot of room on the passenger side. We put up the screen room behind the coach. You can see it directly behind the car. Also, if you look closely, you can see an access gate directly behind the Equinox. This gate led to the fishing pier. No fishing license was required.

Merritt Island is an interesting place. Originally part of a land grant to a nobleman by the King of Spain around 1605, it was known for it's prolific plant life. A lot of it's growth came in the mid 19th Century as citrus became it's main crop. While it's home to nearly 37,000 people, it is not a city. Cityhood was voted down in 1988 by a 77-23% margin.

Most of it's growth came about with the space race in the 1950s and 60s. The Kennedy Space Center is on the north end of the island.  

This guy's included just because I thought he was cool. Call it his fifteen minutes of fame.

 Next up, Kennedy Space Center....Stay tuned

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