Thursday, January 1, 2015

Arizona to California

Let me first apologize since these next few pages are a little, actually a lot, late. I've been pretty busy with the wedding and just haven't gotten back into the swing of things until lately. Enough of the excuses. Here we go.....

We left Mesa headed for California where my youngest daughter has found the perfect man for her and they decided to share the rest of their lives together. She has planned the wedding from the start and has done an awesome job. We are going to join her about six weeks in advance to tidy up any loose ends and help wherever we can. I'm excited ! We decided to stop and visit our boys for a few days before heading north to see the girls. So let's get to it!

On The Road Again !

Quartzsite needs little in the way of introduction. If you've never experienced it from January to February, you have to do it once! Picture rigs of every type and size stretching for miles in every direction all over the desert landscape. Estimates are over a million RVrs  visit this area over that two month span. 

As we approach our destination for the night. We plan on staying right on the Colorado River which begins in Colorado, ends just north of Sonora, Mexico and separates Arizona and California.

This is a wonderful park right on the river. Colorado River Oasis is now known as Arizona Oasis. Located right on the Colorado River it has beach access and places to tie up your boat and/or personal watercraft. The spaces are spacious and the pool is heated in the winter. Relax in the spa before returning to your coach for the night. 

We stayed in Space 25 which was not on the river shore. Those sites are reserved months in advance and are booked solid during the winter months and mostly booked during the hot hot summer months as travelers try to escape the heat. We like this park while visiting the Quartzsite RV show as they offer full hookups and we consider ourselves RVrs rather than Campers, meaning we like full hook ups and creature comforts.

After a brief four day stay in So Cal we headed up over the Grapevine and stopped at the Elks Lodge in Visalia.

There are Elks Lodges throughout the United States. Many of these lodges provide camping facilities at a reasonable rate for members. Most of these facilities are not open to the public but there are several regular campgrounds that are. We've been members for years so this was a perfect stop over for us.

Most of the camping facilities offer water and electrical hookups. Most have a dump station on site or nearby. The lodges usually have dining facilities and an open bar. Some have golfing facilities adjacent or on site.

After a short stop in Visalia, we arrived at Lake Minden just north of Sacramento, California. It is a Thousand Trails park and offers all amenities as well as lake fishing and canoe rentals.

This weekend we are going to be treated to a model airplane meet over the lake. A large group of RVrs that travel around the country are meeting here with their planes for competition. They also have hydroboat racing on this lake at regular intervals.

There's lots of open space in the park and it includes a grass ball diamond. My youngest grandchild wasn't sure if he was excited or not. He was waiting for Jasmine to join him for some exercise and fun!

Once the exercise and fun is over, he picked his favorite place to ride. I'm not sure who enjoys this the most, him or me...

Back at our coach, this sparrow decided my coffee cup looked enticing. He came every morning and pecked on the window until I talked to him. Animals and birds can be strange sometimes. Often, I wish I knew what they were thinking.
I'll let you put your own caption on this picture!

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