Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As promised, here are some pictures from American Falls and a picture of our site here in Boise. We needed to fill our pantry today so we went shopping...yea!... took a half day tour of the Capitol building as well. Very interesting. Too tired to post the pictures tonight but promise to get them on here tomorrow as time allows.

Here is our site at American Falls. Only strange thing was our picnic table was on the wrong side of the coach. Apparently their site planners were not RV enthusiasts! We've run into that at some of the State Parks but not at the private ones. Of course, Willow Bay is run by the City of American Falls, so that may explain it.

Boise Riverside RV Park is a regular RV park with one notable exception. Each site used to be two sites with coaches in both directions. When they modernized it, they removed one site per double and made each it's own site. Much more room. Close to the river, but no bugs. Unfortunately, there's no pool/spa either.

For you fishermen!! As I said the other day, we toured the American Falls Hatchery and met Sherry the Ranger. She was nice enough to allow us to view some rarely seen areas of the hatchery. Here we see a bucket, a little smaller than a 5gal. one full of rainbow trout. They are less than a week old. There are about 30,000 fish in this bucket!

Since the fish need motion to survive, the bucket fills slowly with water moving the fish around. As the bucket fills, it overflows into a larger tank. Once the fish are strong and big enough to get over the edge of the bucket, they continue to grow in the larger tank. Here, these fish are almost two weeks old. These tanks will hold up to 70,000 fish!

As the fish get larger they will stay in these tanks until about two months old and then they will be transferred to the larger outdoor tanks. These fish are three to four weeks old. If you look closely you can see they are beginning to look like actual fish. Some are beginning to get their rainbow color as well. All of these fish are kept indoors and your shoes etc. must be sanitized before entering any of these areas so the fish will not be contaminated.

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