Thursday, June 28, 2012

And a new day dawns....very warm today. Enjoying the sunshine though. Here are some pictures taken of the Capitol bldg in downtown Boise. Tomorrow is a travel day so I won't be posting until late evening. Baseball game in the stadium next door and fireworks after, so tonight will be an up late night.....enjoy!

This is the Capitol Building in Boise Idaho. It is impressive in it's own right although not quite as ornate as many of the ones in the midwest. The "marble" on the inside is simply plastic over concrete. Impressive but faux. It did lend a warmer feeling though than real marble.

Inside, looking up toward the top of the dome. That American flag is huge! There is lighting all around the inside of the dome so it is an awesome sight at night.

If you look up into the dome, it's only fair to look down from it as well. Here's that picture looking down. You can see the bottom of the American Flag in the upper right corner.

And of course no Capitol would be complete without chambers for the Senate and House. The Chambers were clones with one on the East side and one on the West.

Here's a picture looking down Capitol Blvd from inside the Capitol on the third floor.

And finally, here's yours truly with my grandson, Josh. That's him sitting on the cannon. This cannon was used in the Civil war and was donated to the Capitol grounds by the family of one of the soldiers who fought in the war.

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