Sunday, July 1, 2012

After a brief rain yesterday, today brought total sunshine with a slight breeze. Now I can wash the car, the coach. Thought about putting a coat of wax on the coach while we're here. Gave Jasmine a bath and a haircut this morning. She loves to be groomed! The campground is beautiful. Lots of grass and only about 50 yards from the Columbia River. We went to one of the dams last night and watched them release the water. The visitor's center was already closed so we are going to try to get there sometime today. Debi decided to make homemade chocolate chip cookies since it was raining. Here's some pictures.....

 This is where we are staying through the Fourth of July. Since the Fourth falls on a Wednesday this year, we don't think the campground will be very full. Also, it's a COE park so few  people, other than the locals, even know about it. Very nice park at only $24/night, full hookups, big rig friendly. Half off with the National Park Access Pass!

 McNary Lock and Dam is right up the road and on the Washington side of the bridge. It holds back Lake Wulalla. We watched them release the water last night. Very impressive!

With all the fields in northeast Oregon and southeast Washington, the grain needs to be stored somewhere before being loaded onto train cars and shipped to be processed. We snapped this picture outside of Hermiston, Oregon.

Of course, what trip wouldn't be complete with gigantic statue welcoming you to a food store...? Shades of Route 66.....!

I said, "Let's see where that road goes"......well, it was the "Road less traveled" that's for sure. The yellow diamond shaped sign said, " Rough road ahead"....we decided to turn

We looked for Santa here, figuring it's where he would spend the summer, but, alas..he was no where in sight....

This was taken toward our coach from the banks of the Columbia River. This is our kind of campsite. Lots of room and the neighbors are just far enough away.....

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