Monday, September 23, 2013

Mayberry, USA

Many of us grew up with Andy, Opie, Barney and Aunt Bee, who along with others, made up the cast of the fictional Andy Griffith Show filmed in Mayberry, North Carolina, USA. While there actually is a Mayberry in North Carolina, about 22 miles from Andy Griffith's home town, Mt. Airy, NC, the set used on the show is fictional.  The Andy Griffith Show was one of the early sticoms to hit American televisions from 1960-1968 and still airs on some television channels today. The series never landed below seventh in the Nielsen ratings and finished it's last season in the number 1 spot.

We took the time to stop and visit, "Mayberry, USA - Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Thanks for allowing me to share our trip down memory lane....

While there's several traffic lights here now, the town of Mayberry had only a single stop light strung across Main Street.

Looking back up towards Main Street. Debi stopped in at Floyds Barber shop to get her hair cut but Russell Hiatt declined. Even though he's been cutting hair for over 62 years, he was afraid he would mess it up. He did offer to cut mine however....:)

A classic photo of Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor and Don Knotts as the loveable but bumbling Barney Fife.

Mayberry Courthouse

Wally's Service Station

Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor and Ron Howard as Opie, "Goin Fishin"

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