Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sandusky Ohio

We headed south and then east on Interstate 75 through Detroit. Past the abandoned buildings, the International Bridge into Canada, and on into Ohio towards Toledo. Just south of Toledo we were able to jump off the Interstate onto Navarro Street then onto Hwy 2, east along Lake Erie. We arrived at Camp Sandusky and settled in for the night. We ended up with a great pull through end spot with room galore. The park is known for it's cabins and there were plenty of them. Lots of room to walk Jasmine and it has a pool too. It's also a quick hop over to Cedar Point---roller coaster capital of the east.

As we left the Detroit area, we passed the Marathon fuel refinery. They used some ingenuity in painting one of their storage tanks, honoring the Detroit Pistons basketball team.

We crossed into Ohio...

Just south of Toledo, we left the Interstate and headed east on Ohio 2.  We found it to be a lovely two lane roadway that passes many unique places. It runs east along the southern side of Lake Erie.

Some of the nice farms we saw along the way. The crop of choice here was soybeans.

We passed some abandoned farmhouses and many unique and fascinating barns

We even passed the Happy Hooker...actually a bait shop with a unique and eye catching name...

Outside Oak Harbor, sits the Davis-Besse Nuclear Generating Station. This power plant is noted for being the source of two of the five most dangerous nuclear incidents in the U.S.

Just past Davis-Besse, Hwy 2 turns south and crosses Sandusky Bay. This is the Thomas Edison Memorial Bridge. It was built in 2005 to replace the original lift bridge, the Bay Bridge, which was determined to be unsafe.

The City of Sandusky lies midway between Toledo and Cleveland. In 2011, Sandusky was rated Number 1 by as the "Best Place to Live Cheaply".  It is home to Cedar Point, which has the largest collection of roller coasters in the world.

We spent a quiet hour sitting on a bench on the boardwalk in Sandusky then enjoyed a picturesque walk around the downtown area.
Next of our trip to Cedar Point....

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