Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goose Island State Park -- Rockport, Texas

As we made our way south along the Gulf of Mexico, our next destination was Goose Island State Park just outside the City of Rockport, Texas. Getting to the park was an adventure as the Oak trees are a big thing here. Unfortunately, they consider the oaks more valuable than the roof of any big rigs so I had to do some maneuvering to avoid ripping off my A/C units or the Satellite dish. There are several parks in the area that advertise big rig friendly but they are not due to the overhanging branches from the oak trees. Even in Goose Island State Park, in the wooded area, several of the roads are not passable with a large motor coach. We had reservations though, on the water so once inside the park, we were fine. Goose Island SP has limited hookups, water and electric only, but we were only there for a week, so we were ok in that area as well. Since it's a State Park, no fishing license is required. As many of you know, I'm in favor of a Federal Fishing License but I can't see that coming anytime soon, which is unfortunate for us full timers. Enjoy the pictures.....

Heading southwest on Texas 35, across Lavaca Bay, and the skies didn't look too promising.

But we made it with no rain. Scraped the roof a couple of times on the overhanging oak branches. There's no easy way to get here.

The waterfront sites each have a concrete ramada with picnic table. Instead of pulling straight in, we decided to maneuver across and park sideways. This puts our awning and chairs facing the water.

As you can see, our view was awesome! If you look closely, you'll see a small black thing in the middle of the picture by the water. The State Parks randomly place fishing pole holders in the ground. That is one of them. Put your chair next to it, the pole goes in the holder, pop the top on your favorite beverage and enjoy the warm weather and clear blue water.

Only negative was that people figure the area between your rig and the water is open area. We had people walking between the coach and the big deal, just startling sometimes.

We never saw anyone swimming here. Seems like everyone avoided it. I'm not sure why...:<).

It's called "Stinky Beach" because of the plants, called "wrack" that wash ashore. These plants provide food and shelter for many insects which in turn provide food for the birds etc.

It was butterfly season and we were not disappointed. Monarchs were plentiful and in full color. Notice the body color on this one. It's a female and the body matches the wings and is translucent. Now compare her with the male below.

The males have more colorful wings, presumably to attract the females. Their bodies are dark colored and match their wings.

So, now comes the question. Is this a male or female....???

Female of course...

At the east end of the campground is a long ell shaped pier jutting out over the bay. Fishing is allowed all along the pier. Notice the fishing pole holders mounted on the sides of the piers. Somedays the pier was empty and others it was packed with fishermen.

Jasmine loved it.

The pier turns right at the end of the long stretch and extends farther toward Copano Bay.
At the end of the day, what's better than relaxing in your chair while the steaks are on the BBQ?

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