Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rockport, Texas

While we visited Goose Island State Park, we thought we'd look over the area. There's lots to see and do here...Rockport, Port Aransas, Mustang Island and much much more. We visited them all and their pictures will follow. We visited the Big Tree which is over 1000 years old, and we  took the ferry to Port Aransas.  Here's the pictorial.

The "Big Tree" is in a park at the north end of the Goose Island State Park. While it is in the State Park boundaries, it's actually outside the camping portion of the park.  There are picnic tables available and while the Big Tree cannot be disturbed, other smaller trees can be climbed upon.

The "Big Tree" is over 1000 years old, is 44 feet tall and it's canopy exceeds 89 feet. It's trunk is a mere 11 feet across it's width and over 39 feet in diameter.

It is a coastal live oak and one of the largest of it's kind. In 1966, this tree was named the Texas State Champion Live Oak.

This picture does not do it justice.

If it's just after Halloween and you are a flamingo, how do you dress up...?

I wonder which witch is which..????

We had dinner at MoonDog's in Rockport. Debi has a new "favorite" dish from the east coast....a yummy Flounder Burger.....

I ordered the fish and shrimp tacos, but I should have ordered the flounder. This sandwich is GOOD!

We sat at the outside tables for dinner and watched the shrimp and fish boats arrive in port with their catches. The boats were piled high with burlap bags tagged with each species of fish. They were off loaded onto pallets to be weighed, cleaned and filleted.

I noticed our chef had wandered over while the boats were being off loaded. I'm sure that's why our food was so fresh.

All along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico you will find sting rays and jellyfish. While a jellyfish isn't a fish, we tend to call anything in the water a fish. This one is a Cabbagehead. It is not poisonous to humans. Watching them float by was interesting. Their bells expand and contract allowing them to move about. Otherwise they simply float along. 

Below is another type called the Moon Jellyfish. It also is non poisonous to humans.

Above, yours truly tries his hand at landing the "Big One". All I caught was several small ones and a jellyfish. Dinner was hamburgers.

At the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month, we stopped for a moment of silence and prayer for those men and women who keep us safe and protect this great country of hours so we may continue to enjoy days like this.....

Just another awesome day in Paradise.......
 We spotted this guy waiting and watching above the campground and boat launch area.

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