Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oregon Coast - Pacific City to Garibaldi, Oregon

This will be a fun week. We are headed to Garibaldi, Oregon. From there we'll take a day trip over the Cascades to Portland to pick up our grandson. He has spent his summer vacations from school traveling with us across much of the United States. He's been able to travel to 42 States and see things other kids his age only read about in books.  We love being able to provide him with this unique opportunity to experience different areas and cultures of this great nation.

Near the town of Neskowin the beach stretches out in front of us. The "lake" in the foreground is left after high tide recedes.

With water on both sides, this is probably the perfect campground. Blue skies and white sandy beaches...picture perfect!

Oregon's weather is diverse. You can have crystal blue skies and go around a turn in the road and discover spacious beaches but with what appears to be a marine layer. 

We diverted a bit because we wanted to visit Netarts Bay. We'd heard about the area but had bypassed it because it's a bit west of US 101. Coming across on Oregon 131 we spotted this weather pattern. Those are clouds hugging the mountainous terrain. I looked like an ocean wave just beginning it's break.

The fog/cloud formation continued down into the valley and stayed right on the ground enveloping the trees etc. but leaving clear blue skies above.

The town of Netarts sits along Netarts Bay which is Oregon's seventh largest bay. It is known for it's crabbing and clamming.

These are all pictures of Netarts Bay.  Cape Mears is over the mountain from the bay but the road was destroyed in a rainstorm and due to the sandstone makeup of the area efforts to rebuild the road continue to be delayed.

We arrived at the Port of Garibaldi and will be staying on a bayfront site at the Harborview RV Park. From here we plan on cutting across to Portland to pick up our grandson.

Welcome to big city Portland! We normally avoid big cities if possible because of the traffic. We weren't disappointed. Traffic stopped and we endured 30 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic heading to the airport.

Over the bridge and traffic simply stopped! We never passed any construction or accidents so who knows what the problem was. We got a little anxious as we didn't want to miss our grandson's plane arrival time.

Being in bumper to bumper traffic did allow us to get a great view of the City. Under different circumstances we might have enjoyed it more.

After some 35-50 tense minutes, we finally arrived at the Portland Airport. Fortunately the plane had already landed and we didn't have to park. All our worrying was for nothing.
Back over the cascades and back on the beach. Happy campers once again!

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