Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wildlife Viewing at Folsom Lake, California

While we were enjoying our time at Folsom Lake SRA, (State Recreation Area), we encountered many different species of wildlife. Besides squirrels, which number in the thousands and skunks, which I did not photograph, Folsom Lake is home to rabbits, coyotes, deer, turkey, possum, foxes, hawks, tortoise, snakes and both Golden and Bald Eagles. I offered to assist in capturing any snake found within the campground and I wasn't disappointed. Using a 'snake stick' made out of PVC we capture them and release them away from the campground where they won't encounter humans on a regular basis. I was unable to get a picture of a Golden Eagle that frequents the campground due to being too slow to grab my phone. They are beautiful birds though. Below are some photographs in no particular order.

Our 'friend' the notorious Jack Rabbit.

A harmless garter snake. While not poisonous, it will bite if provoked or threatened. Here, he's in my bucket waiting to be relocated.

We also encountered a couple king snakes which are also non poisonous.

This tortoise wandered into one of the tent sites. I took his picture and watched him scurry away into the underbrush. I was amazed at how quickly he disappeared.

One of two hawks that visit the tent campground on a regular basis. You can always tell when one is around as the momma squirrels make a serious racket. While it does not appear large in this picture, it's wingspan was a good 24-30 inches.

Several turkeys wander the tent campground through looking for free food.
And, of course my favorite, the dreaded rattlesnake. This guy scared more than a few campers who did not want to share their tents or sleeping bags with him. I relocated him several miles away from the campground as snakes can find their way back if it's less than a mile.

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