Monday, May 21, 2018

Embarking on a new adventure for 2018

Hello folks,

It's been a busy time for us these past couple years so I haven't had much of an opportunity to update our blog. Now it's starting to settle down and I hope to have this blog up and running again. We've welcomed two new grandchildren, graduated grandchildren one and two, had the oldest one join the Navy and I had my knee replaced. Fun times for everyone involved. Anyway, to those who have followed us in the past, I thank you and hope you'll continue watching an commenting on our adventures. Those that want to join our group, I say welcome aboard and enjoy the ride. Feel free to comment, either directly or through the blog comment section. Also, since a blog is only a small snapshot of the locations we visit, feel free to ask for additional information if you need it. We don't like freeways, expressways and/or toll roads so most of our travels take place on back roads through small country towns. Debi loves old churches and I love old farmhouses and barns, so expect to see some pictures of those as we travel.

We started out 2018 at our place in Mesa, Arizona. Since my in-laws are getting up in years, I felt they needed an access ramp for their mobile home so they wouldn't be falling down any steps. As a result, we didn't get as early a start as normal as I had to oversee the construction of the ramp. Our first stop was in Yuma, Arizona and then on to San Clemente, California where we are going to work camp at the State Park for a couple of months. Look for pictures and information to be posted on the next few pages. We are excited to be on the road again and look forward to sharing our experiences with y'all.

Peace and love as always,   Dennis

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