Sunday, February 9, 2020

Ready to go hiking?

Debi and I love to walk. As part of our lifestyle we try to walk three to five miles every day. This year we decided instead of simple walking we would add hiking to our lifestyle. We chose to vary our hikes to include at least one a week and more if we're so inclined. There are many hiking trails in and around the Mesa, Arizona area. With that in mind, we pulled up the hiking app on our phones and went searching.  We're excited to add this to our lifestyle.

First up is "Spook Hill". A moderate hike up the side of a mountain of just short of a mile. Part of the trail was strenuous but it levels out half way up the hill and became very enjoyable. The views were well worth the effort. Yes, it's winter, but winter in Arizona means tying a jacket or sweater around your waist.

I intend to post more pictures of some of the hikes as we explore around the Phoenix area. 

From the bottom looking up. The elevation gain is less than 500' but the first 1/4 mile is very steep.

Once you make it past the first 1/4 mile the trail widens and becomes much easier. What's at the top? See below.

For those wondering how Spook Hill got it's name...well no one is positive but the commonly accepted story is it's based on a 'dude ranch' that used to be in the area in the 30s and 40s. The ranch offered horseback rides in the area. However, whenever the rides went up on the hillside, the horses unaccountably became ''spooked'' and so the hill came to be called Spook Hill.

 Distant view of Superstition Mountain with the City of Mesa in the foreground.

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