Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sunsets at Usery Regional Park -- Mesa, Arizona

As promised, here are several pictures I took as we were relaxing at Usery Regional Park in Mesa, Arizona. There's nothing better than sitting outside in 78 degree winter weather with someone you love watching the sun set behind the mountains. Life is good - hope you enjoy the pictures....D

I'll start with this picture of Pass Mountain.It's easy to spot from the Phoenix/Mesa area due to it's distinct white stripe, (orange in the sunset) that runs across it western slope. The stripe is a 'tuff layer' which is solidified volcanic ash and includes it's main attraction, a grotto or wind cave. A two mile hike up the mountain is a favorite of locals and offer fabulous views of the cities below. Technically, Pass Mountain is part of the Goldfield Range which also includes the Superstition Mountains.

So, let's get to the pictures. Here they are in no particular order. If you enjoy them, feel free to share them if you like. 

This one gives you an idea of how close you are to the "City".

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