Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For those who have never visited Las Vegas, Nevada, you're in for a treat. We visited the strip, which is simply Las Vegas' main street at midnight. There were thousands of people still on the streets. This is truly a City that never sleeps. We experienced everything from street performers on nearly every block, being able to have your picture taken with the Mario Bros.,  SuperWoman, Transformers and  everything in between including, of course, Elvis, to street walkers and even the homeless sleeping on the walkways over the streets. Downtown is now closed off to most vehicular traffic and is more of a collection of  ecclectic shops although there are a few new venues opening up such as The D. The Four Queens, El Cortez, Fremont and Binnions are still there and appear to be doing well. Everyone should experience it once even if you're not there to gamble....A few last pictures before we head north again.....

More famous than the Hollywood sign
The Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The new Paris Hotel and Casino's Eiffel Tower

The Dancing Waters Light Show at The Mirage

The Stratosphere, through our sun roof

If Only.....The Million Dollars at Binions

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