Thursday, July 11, 2013

Backin up a bit

I have to regress a bit, as I forgot to post an interesting thing we saw when we were in Bowling Green Kentucky. As many of you may know, the main industry in Bowling Green is the General Motors Plant. This plant is the only plant where the Chevrolet Corvette is built. It is also the only car manufactured at this plant. We wanted to tour the plant while we were there but the tours were suspended because they were still setting up for the 2014 Vette which hasn't been released yet. We did get to go through the Corvette museum across the street from the plant....I was a bit disappointed in the museum as they only had lots of cars but IMHO, not enough meat and potatoes...It was still worth the price of admission though.

Now to bring you up to date...After leaving Springfield, Illinois we wanted to take a few days to relax and recover from the excitement of the Fourth of July. With that in mind, we headed up to the State of Iowa. We found a gem of a county park called Squaw Creek. and spent three days there. Fantastic place, concrete pads and full hook ups.

Check out this fun bill board size poster of a 1953 Corvette.  When we first looked at it, I thought it was simply a very large jigsaw puzzle...

Closer inspection showed the "car" was a collage of many small pictures arranged so it looks like a photo from a distance.....Pretty cool !

On the road again, enroute to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is our first time in Iowa and we both pictured Iowa as miles and miles of corn fields. We weren't disappointed. The farms were impeccably clean and neat as a pin....lots of farmhouses and barns...

Cedar Rapids has a beautiful river running through it, aptly named the Cedar River. Situated on the shores of the river is the Quaker Oats building.  This building is the largest cereal mill in the world.

Cedar Rapids has also been home to some pretty famous people: Mamie Doud Eisenhower and Wilbur and Orville Wright to name a couple.
 Here's our campsite at Squaw Creek County Park

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