Sunday, July 28, 2013

Leaving Wisconsin, headed for Minneapolis/St. Paul

We left Shawano, Wisconsin and headed north and west on US 29. We have been traveling a zig zag route along the Mississippi River. While visiting in Chicago, our granddaughter flew into O'hare and is now with us for the remainder of her summer vacation. Traveling with two thirteen year olds requires some minor adjustments to your lifestyle. First off you have to cook more! They are always hungry...They will travel with us until later this summer when they will return to California and back to school. It's always a pleasure to have them with us. They have an opportunity to see parts of the country other kids only read about in books. If you full time, explore the chance to take your grand children with you when you travel. It's awesome for them and fun for you....anyway, our journey heads west again, towards the mighty Mississippi River.

Today's posting is a little different than my previous posts. Since we subscribe to the adage that the "journey is more important than the destination", today's post will focus on the journey between Green Bay, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We left Green Bay and headed north and west on US 29. This paved two lane road is perfect if you're trying to avoid the Interstates and their never ending ribbon of concrete and the only view is of the painted stripes and other travelers. There is always very little traffic and the small towns you pass through are all unique in their own way.

We passed many farms and houses along this route before the road widens into a divided highway. The crop of choice, of course was corn with soybeans, wheat, dairies, and hay.


As we neared Wausau, US 29 opened into a divided highway, still with very little traffic but fabulous scenery. All these farms showed pride of ownership and hard working families.

This was a dairy farm outside Abbotsford, Wisconsin. Abbotsford's motto is "Wisconsin's First City", which made little sense as it wasn't incorporated until 1965. In reality, it is Wisconsin's First City due to its' alphabetical place on a list of Wisconsin cities! Embarrassing!

We are just coming into the town of Stanley, Wisconsin, just east of Chippewa Falls.

No, that's not a farm in the distance. It's a church! Located far off the main highway, it serves all of the local farm folks.
 And for those who think every farm and barn are in perfect shape, this image begs to differ!

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