Wednesday, July 3, 2013

St. Louis, Mo to Clinton, Indiana

We have two GPS units on board the bus. One portable and one that's built into the middle of the dash. I like using the portable Garmin while Debi likes using the onboard one. We programmed our new location into the two units and within five minutes we knew we had a problem. We arrived at the State Hwy and my GPS said go south and Debi's said go north! So being a male, I pulled over and got out the paper map!!...Knowing we were headed to Indiana, my brain said go north so that's the way we went. My brain kept working though! Something just wasn't right. After about an hour, my brain finally convinced me to stop and recheck our directions. We pulled into a rest area and while Debi fixed us something to eat, I went over the paper map again. BINGO! In order to go NORTH, we had to go SOUTH! We were on the wrong hwy.....both highways went north, but one went northeast and the other northwest. We wanted the northeast one and were on the northwest one. To get on the northeast one we would have had to go south first. Looking at the map, I picked out what appeared to be a suitable crossover between the two highways. Fortunately it was only about 15 miles between the two roads. So off we went on a little adventure, which turned out to be a big adventure. My crossover road turned from a two lane road to a single lane road and back into a two lane road with mostly farms and nothing in between. We did meet a semi displaying a huge "oversize load" sign with a piece of farm equipment aboard, so that was interesting. Good thing we were both "professional" managed to make it safely through and arrived at the Thousand Trails Preserve at Horseshoe Lakes outside Clinton Indiana for some much needed rest and relaxation. We planned on going to Springfield, Illinois for the Fourth of July so we wanted to catch up on some maintenance issues and some deep cleaning of the coach and laundry. There's not much in Clinton, so this was a perfect stop over. They have a pool, some lakes, basketball courts and lots of room for Jasmine to explore.

Interesting cross over road....very little traffic!

Loved the old barns along this road though. Notice the hay roll...most of the farms along here were corn, hay and soy beans.

When you're 13' 1" tall and you come up to a large steel bridge with no height posted, your mind races as fast as your engine. We ducked and cruised across....

Here we are at our site at Horseshoe Lakes. This is a Thousand Trails Preserve that we found occupied  mostly by locals who lease a site annually. It's only about $1,000/yr so we could see why. There are seven lakes within the preserve. We got one of the 50amp full hookup sites.

This is what we had to wake up to each morning. Pretty rough life, huh?

Even this guy was out enjoying the sunshine!

A view of another of the lakes here. Notice the RV in the background right on the water.....

This is the hwy bridge crossing the Wabash River. We came in on County road 1500 which is Indiana State Hwy 163. It's a beautiful drive and an excellent choice if you want to avoid the larger highways.

Clinton Indiana,  was established in 1829 and got is named after New York governor, DeWitt Clinton. Originally the settlers here were Italian immigrants working the coal mines. The City was home to the Clinton Paving and Building Brick Company. This company, established in 1893 produced over 40,000 bricks per day and were of such high quality they were used in many of the road building of the time. They were also highly sought after for home construction.

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