Wednesday, December 10, 2014

From Oklahoma to Texas

We left Oklahoma behind and headed west again toward Texas. We were a bit concerned about the weather as WeatherBug was predicting cold, windy conditions with rain a real possibility. Our goal was to reach Amarillo and stay for a few days. We had previously visited Amarillo but were looking forward to exploring the area more fully.

We are headed west, about an hour and 30 minutes outside Amarillo. Today is a short trip of about 2 hours 45 minutes. We are looking forward to setting up for the night.

We took a short side trip onto U.S. Route 66 through the town of Shamrock. This is the U-Drop Inn. The bldg was originally built in 1936 and was designed to be a Conoco gasoline station, a store and a cafe. The store was never completed as that space was used as a ballroom due to the cafe's popularity as a meeting spot.

You may recognize it from the movie C.A.R.S. It was an automotive shop owned by Ramone, a 59 Chevy Impala low rider.

After leaving Shamrock, we returned to I-40 and continued towards Amarillo. This area of Texas is desolate yet beautiful.

Of course, everything is Texas is BIG. Here we passed the Big Texan Steak House, where they serve a delicious 72 oz. steak, cooked to your taste. If you can finish the entire meal of steak, potatoes, and salad, it's on the house. I pulled out my recent health check, looked at my cholesterol level which was perfect and decided to leave it that way.

We finally arrived safe and sound at the Oasis RV Resort in Amarillo. The skies were clear but it was definitely cold. It was breezy but not too bad. This is a Winnebago that appears to be buried in the ground as the nearby Cadillac ranch.

I awoke early the next morning to flakes of white stuff falling from the sky. I grabbed my laptop and with the help of Google, I was horrified to find out this 'stuff' was called SNOW!

By the time we'd finished our morning coffee, things didn't appear to be getting any better. We decided Amarillo would wait until another trip. We were heading west immediately!

I unhooked the coach while Debi cancelled the reservations we had and we were back on the road headed towards New Mexico. Our next stop was Albuquerque, depending on the weather. You can see some small collections of snow along the edge of the roadway. We were good....for now!

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