Friday, December 12, 2014

Texas, New Mexico and on to Arizona

As previously posted, we left Amarillo, Texas while getting a smattering of snowflakes. The road out of Amarillo wasn't bad and we decided we would continue west to Albuquerque but we would continue on if the weather didn't hold. My idea of a good time is not driving in snow and today would be no different if I could avoid it. I've driven is snow enough to despise it. Enjoy the pictures.

The snow flurries abated for a bit. The roadway was still clear and we were making good time. However, the skies ahead were dark and threatening.

The snow continued to accumulate along the roadway but the road surface was clear and dry....for now.

Then the skies opened up and Mother Nature decided she'd let me know she was still in charge. We hoped it wouldn't get worse before we reached Albuquerque.

After that brief but intense flurry, the snow let up briefly and once again we could see the roadway clearly. The coach handled wonderfully. The tag kept us stable and made driving easy.  Of course, our weight of almost 48,000 pounds helped too.

As quickly as it came, it went, leaving behind some snow remnants alongside the roadway.

It also left the desert landscape looking surreal. 

I think it looked beautiful, cloaked in white splendor.

As we approached Albuquerque, the weatherman was predicting more snow for the area. We decided we didn't want to get stuck there for several days, so we stopped for lunch and continued westward.

West of Albuquerque looked promising so we sat back and enjoyed the scenery. The following pictures need no dialog. The desert is beautiful at any time, but after a rainstorm, it's especially gorgeous. Some feel it's desolate but I love it's diversity.

Enjoy it's beauty.

We are leaving New Mexico and entering Arizona, land of sunshine!

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