Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today, the fog came in fast and heavy. Dropped the temperature about 10 degrees. We had to crank up the heat pumps last night. I'm going to use today to finish waxing the coach. While I'm at it, I want to finish a project I've been wanting to do for a couple years....put the brackets up for the fishing poles....The salmon are running at the mouth of the river and it's wall to wall fishermen....Too bad we're leaving tomorrow, but...we've been here a week....we need SUN.....

We cruised up to Crescent City yesterday and wanted to visit the Battery Point Lighthouse. However, when we arrived, it wasn't quite low tide. As you can see, access to the lighthouse is limited to low tide. At high tide, the rocks in the foreground are under water. We are about 45 mins away from having clear access.

In 1855, Congress appropriated $15,000 for the construction of the Battery Point Lighthouse. It was completed in 1856 and used continuously until decommissioned in 1965. It sat unused until 1982 when it was partially restored and reactivated as a guide to private navigation. It is still in use today and is undergoing further restoration.

While waiting for the tide to go out, we went into Crescent City and discovered this huge redwood log. Jasmine and I fit rather nicely inside.

I snapped this picture on the way home from Crescent City. The sun was setting and the fog was trying to get up enough courage to come ashore.

This is what we wake up to each morning. I took this picture from our front door. We are about 1/2 mile from the mouth of the Klamath River where it empties into the mighty Pacific Ocean. The salmon are running at the mouth but the water up river is still too warm (around 78 degrees) for them to enter and continue their journey upstream.

Looking toward US Hwy 101 from our campground. While we are close to the highway, there is no highway noise at the campsites.  Notice the one small segment of fog that lingers.

After completing the waxing of the coach, I tackled the project I've been wanting to do for two years. Previously, I simply stashed my fishing poles in the bay. Since this is not the best way to store your fishing gear, and I had some extra pole holders left over from my boating days, I took today to install them in the bay. Here's the finished project...Now they are safely stored and out of the way.

Fishing at the mouth of the river in the cold Pacific water has it's rewards. This was one of a half dozen fish caught right at the mouth of the River. It is interesting as once caught, the fish make a beeline for the river and you have to fight them over to the shallow spit adjacent to the river mouth. If they make it to the middle of the river, it's about 10-15 feet deep and these monsters will disappear..

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