Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today was a no up this morning to 69 degree weather and sun !...Since tomorrow is a travel day and we will be leaving Oregon behind, we decided this should be a beach day. So we packed a picnic lunch and headed for the beach. Unfortunately, Oregon State Parks has some weird situations within some of their parks. Memaloose SP borders the Columbia River. There is a beautiful sandy beach all along the length of the park. However, you cannot access this wonderful beach because the railroad track runs between the beach and the park. Because of stupid parents who couldn't control their kids, the railroad constructed a chain link fence so no one can cross the tracks. As one could expect, this fence needs to be mended every day as "someone" cuts through it to get to the beach! I suggested they simply provide an underpass for visitors to get from one side of the tracks to the other and not interfere with the trains. The ranger thought that might be a good idea and he would run it by his superiors....??? Anyway, here at Bullard's "Beach" SP, there is a trail to the beach from the campground. The beach is 3/4 mile away! The good news is they have a trail, the bad news is they covered the trail with loose sand about 12" deep...! Yes, it keeps the bicycles off the path but it sure makes walking to the beach more of a hike than a walk. We trudged it out anyway and enjoyed our day at the beach.

Jasmine saw the water and headed for a swim

This portion of the water had been warmed by the sun...ahhh

Guess no one else wanted to trudge through that trail....

We had the beach to ourselves

Perfect for beachcombing.....

Surf was non existent and the water warm

Here's the end of the "trail" from the campground

Our beach "Booty"..once polished, these will be even more beautiful

That's it for today. Tomorrow is a travel day and I will try to get some travel pictures on here after we are settled. We are headed for the Klamath River in California.....

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