Friday, August 10, 2012

We left Bullard's Beach State Park around 11:30 this morning and headed south. The weather was really nice when we started out but the marine layer started creeping in just before Port Orford. It followed us almost to the California border. I was still able to get some pretty good pictures. Anyone with a big rig should consider Bullard's Beach, or further south, Humbug Mountain State Park. We liked Humbug Mountain State Park, because it's really close to the beach and there is a walking path under Hwy 101, which is really convenient. 

Typical Oregon Coastline. Just north of Gold Beach, Oregon

As we came off the mountain and dropped into Gold Beach, we encountered some small sand dunes along the beach.

Hwy 101 runs right alongside the ocean. Watching the waves come in was mesmerizing. A little warmer and we would have stopped for a short walk along the tide line....

The following five photos are simply placed here to show the beautiful shoreline along the Oregon and California Coasts. The surf was small, the beaches clean and uncrowded. They are placed here in no particular order...enjoy.

Welcome to California

And of course, once inside California, we see the ShipAshore RV Park. I don't think the tide will come in high enough to float this vessel. This is in Smith River, Ca.

After Smith River, the Hwy climbs into the Redwoods..

And, of course, once in California, you will have road construction...ugh!

After about a 20 minute wait for the Pilot Car, we were finally on our way. I got this shot of the Klamath River just before we turned off Hwy 101.
We finally got settled into our site. We are overlooking the Klamath River. Fishing is supposed to be great, according to the locals. Tomorrow we are going to explore the area and maybe do a little fishing to see if the locals are just playing with the tourists.....

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